All About BabyCon

Why BabyCon?

Standing in the bathroom one day, you look down and see two pink lines on the test in your hand…

Whether you have been trying for a long time, or were happily surprised, a mix of excitement swirled with a bit of anxiety rushes through your chest.


What do you do now? Do you call your doctor? Do you search for pregnancy information online? What kind of information will you find? Can the advice of an online blogger be taken as medical advice if they claimed to have had multiple children? What the heck will happen to your body? What happens in the hospital? What happens afterwards?


At BabyCon, you will have access to multiple medical resources; including instructional panels from obstetrics doctors, midwives, home delivery specialists, and lactation specialists; as well as topics such as: How to install a car seat properly, What to do in case of an emergency, and How to pamper mom, dad, and baby after your return home.

BabyCon will be here to help guide you through the mire and confusion of pregnancy, childbirth, and your days at home and away from the hospital, and prepare you for the arrival of your new tiny human!

We believe all women can embrace Motherhood and thrive!

Our Mission

To provide every family access to the latest relevant  medical information to support their parental journey.


Our Vision

To provide every family across America access to real doctors who answer their questions in combination with the latest in baby information and services. 

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BabyCon's Pledge:

To educate, guide, and direct new and expectant moms and families with the latest from experts in the industry such as doctors, family specialists and more! Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


Phone: 562-334-2252

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